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Hitec® Heavy Truck BatteryHitec® Heavy Truck Battery

Hitec® Heavy Truck Battery is widely used in heavy trucks, engineering vehicles, and mining vehicles. 

Hitec® is the battery brand under Camel Group Co.,Ltd.. The products of Hitec® are manufacturered in both Malaysia and China, are favored by more and more customers from middle east, southeast Asia, Africa etc. The Hitec®  heavy truck battery will provide you with quality products and competitive prices. Contact us to get more information you need. 

Special Features

Hitec® Heavy Truck Battery

  • Leading Duralife technology, extending car battery life.

  • High discharge capacity, superior cranking performance, fast ignition.

  • Endures through long-distance transportation without worry.

  • Stable and vibration resistant, maintenance free. The labyrinth exhaust system ensures good sealing and prevents internal acid from flowing out.

  • Active special substances are added to the plate to improve the charge acceptance performance.

Product model:
Hitec® Heavy Duty Vehicle Battery