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Start Stop The car battery is a system in newer models that automatically starts and stops the car's engine when the vehicle is stationary, then restarts when the brakes are disengaged or the clutch is engaged.

Stop/start batteries are designed to reduce fuel usage and emissions while saving on running costs. In a standard car, the engine continues to run while the car is stopped and using fuel, which increases running costs and emissions levels. In a stop/start car, the engine stops completely when not needed, so no fuel is burned. Thanks to the stop/start battery's cycling ability, the power can still be used to run the car's accessories, so you don't have to stop listening to the radio or enjoying the AC.

In general, Stop/Start systems are estimated to reduce emissions by 3-8% and provide the same fuel efficiency.

Application of Lithium-ion Start Stop Car Battery

The Lithium-ion start stop car battery is perfectly suitable for any passenger vehicles equipped with advanced start-stop system.

Special Features

Features of Lithium-ion Start Stop Car Battery

  • Lightweight

    Compared with traditional lead-acid AGM start-stop batteries, the lightweight lithium iron phosphate battery has detailed weight advantages, which helps the vehicle to reduce weight, reduce fuel consumption and improve fuel economy.

  • High security

    High-strength sealed battery pack can effectively resist external impact and ensure that the battery does not have safety problems.

  • Efficient start-stop power

    Can provide efficient starting and stopping for the engine at -30  — + 50 , so that the vehicle maintains efficient fuel economy.

  • Standardized appearance

    With standard design, the vehicle battery can be replaced in place, suitable for any model equipped with 12v start-stop system.

About Camel Battery

With strong R&D competence and advanced technology, the lithium-ion start stop car battery from Camel Battery can meet different needs of vehicles with start-stop system. Welcome to contact us to get more details parameters and wholesale price of lithium-ion start stop car battery. We expects to build up long-term business relationship with more worldwide dealers and suppliers in the future.

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