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Lithium-ion RV Battery
Lithium-ion RV Battery
Lithium-ion RV Battery
Lithium-ion RV BatteryLithium-ion RV Battery

Lithium-ion RV Battery 

Lithium-ion RV Battery supplies the power for the electrical accessories of all kinds of caravans, recreation vehicles etc. 

Special Features

Advantages of Lithium-ion RV Battery

  • Large capacity

    Compatible with large-capacity design of the same size, and can be directly selected to meet more power requirements

  • Light weight

    The weight is more than 40% lighter than the alternative lead-acid battery products, which is the best substitute for lead-acid batteries

  • Long life

    Cycle life more than 2000 times

  • Fast charging 

    Lithium battery supports rate charge and discharge, better charging capacity, 0.5C rate charging 30%~80% SOC only takes 1 hour

  • Long use time

    Lithium battery supports  100% DOD depth of discharge, and the load power supply lasts for a long time

  • Communication upgrade

    Support communication, optional LED display configuration, support program online upgrade and monitoring

Product model: