EV solution

Advanced and reliable motor design technology, which includes electromagnetic model building, stator and rotor slot shape parametric analysis, can match the power requirements of different customers and reduce the cost of electromagnetic materials, motor cogging torque, torque ripple and loss. 

Our EV solution can achieve higher efficiency and a wider operating range, as well as better NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) performance.

Keeping pace with the global development trend of new energy powertrains , Camel & Rimac is committed to the research and development of the next generation of electric powertrain, which adopts the technology of hair-pin, shared oil cooling system of motor and gearbox, super high speed motor,large reduction ratio gearbox,planetary gear coaxial drive system.

Advanced and reliable simulation technology: EM simulation, structural strength simulation, durability simulation, fluid and thermal

management simulation, NVH simulation, to ensure the reliability of electric drive system design.

NVH simulation
NVH simulation
fluid and thermal  management
fluid and thermal management
durability simulation
durability simulation
structural strength simulation
structural strength simulation
EM simulation
EM simulation

Advanced test capability of electric drive system of passenger and commercial vehicle, including dyno test,

environmental test, durability test, salt spray test, air leakage test and hardware in the loop test.

durability test
durability test durability test
environmental test
environmental test environmental test
air leakage test
air leakage test air leakage test
salt spray test
salt spray test salt spray test
in the loop test
hardware <br> in the loop test hardware <br> in the loop test
dyno test
dyno test dyno test