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Flooded Truck Battery

The Flooded Truck Battery is specially designed for heavy-duty commercial vehicles. It supplies power to the starter and ignition system during engine startup as well as when the vehicle’s electrical load exceeds the supply from the charging system. 

Working Mechanism of Flooded Truck Battery

The working mechanism of the battery involves a chemical reaction between the electrolyte, lead, and lead oxide when the battery terminals are connected to a load. This chemical reaction generates a current to flow through the terminals to the load, which further causes the sulfuric acid to be removed from the solution, strengthening the plate. When the battery is charged with a reverse current, the bond between the sulfuric acid and the plates is broken, allowing the acid to return to the solution, which enables the battery to provide more power for future use.

Applications of Flooded Truck Battery

A flooded truck battery, also known as a flooded lead-acid battery, is designed to provide both strong cranking power and low-amp cycling service to meet the extended auxiliary power needs of electrical accessories, such as air conditioners.

Special Features
  • Superior Power: Continuous power supply to air conditioners or other electrical appliances for 4 to 6 hours during parking.

  • Innovative technology: Designed specifically based on operating conditions, 10X deep discharge cycles.

  • Fast Charging: Unique paste formula, 2X charging efficiency, fast charging.

  • Maintenance Free: Very low water consumption, no need to add electrolyte.

  • Enhanced Vibration Resistance Performance: More durable and reliable for use in harsh environments.

About Camel Battery

As the largest and leading car battery manufacturer in Asia, Camel Group is committed to providing high-quality car batteries and exceptional customer service to clients worldwide. With our strong R&D capabilities and advanced technology, we offer a range of flooded truck batteries to meet diverse needs for various applications. Please contact us to get a quote on wholesale price for truck flooded batteries and establish a long-term business relationship with us.

Truck Flooded Battery

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