Camel Group Crowned as China's top 100 Light Industry Companies
August 16 2022

On August 10, 2022, Camel Group won the 25th place in China's Top 100 Light Industry Technology Companies in 2021 and the 42nd place in China's Top 200 Light Industry Companies in 2021.


China's top 100 light industry enterprises are outstanding representatives of the light industry and an advanced force leading China's light industry. Light industry is a traditional advantageous industry of Chinese national economy. It is the most important force driving the steady growth of consumption and consolidating international competitiveness. The industry plays an important role in satisfying consumption, stabilizing exports, expanding employment, and serving the three rural areas. 



Camel actively fulfills its social responsibilities, adheres to innovation-driven development, responds to the national green and low-carbon development strategy, embraces digital transformation, strives to cultivate new growth drivers, and actively contributes to the high-quality development of the national light industry. Winning a number of awards this time has once again demonstrated the strong strength and industry influence of Camel as a representative of a national enterprise and a leading enterprise in the industry.