Camel Group Innovation R&D Center successfully passed ISO26262 Functional Safety Process Certification
July 06 2022

On July 6, 2022, TÜV Nordisk and Camel Group Wuhan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Camel Group Innovation R&D Center") held a certification ceremony in the Camel Group Innovation R&D Center Building, and awarded the Camel Group Innovation R&D Center ISO26262: 2018 Functional Safety Process Certification (ASIL D grade). The acquisition of this certificate indicates that the Camel Group Innovation R&D Center fully meets the ISO26262:2018 automotive functional safety requirements, and has established the highest level of lithium-ion battery product development process system, reaching the international leading level. This is a milestone for Camel Group to establish a lithium battery product system that meets the requirements of automotive functional safety.


Mr. Song Haining, Vice President of TÜV NORD Greater China, Guo Junxiang, Senior Manager, Dr. Chen Nian, General Manager and CTO of Camel Group Innovation R&D Center, Jiang Huan, BMS R&D Director, Liu Dongxu, Functional Safety Manager, Gong Liyuan, Cai Guanjun, members of the functional safety core team attended the certification ceremony.

The ISO 26262 standard is a globally recognized standard for automotive functional safety. The standard covers the entire life cycle of a product, including functional safety management, concept stage development, system stage development, hardware stage development, software stage development, support processes, safety analysis, product release, etc.  ASIL has four levels, A, B, C, and D, where D is the most demanding level.

Under the guidance of TÜV NORD experts and teachers, the Camel Group Innovation R&D Center strictly implements the ISO 26262:2018 standard requirements, and actively develops a process system that meets functional safety standards. Output 110 process documents in 4 categories, including inspection review sheets, program documents, document templates, and guidelines. Through layer-by-layer audits, TÜV NORD recognized the Camel Group Innovation R&D Center's team that has always adhered to high standards in the field of product quality and safety, and awarded the highest level of ASIL D functional safety certificate.


Camel Group Innovation R&D Center is a high-tech enterprise with lithium battery and fuel cell R&D and application technology as its core. It is committed to the research and development of new technologies and products of Cell, Pack and BMS. It owns more than 100 intellectual property rights of core technologies. Energy, an important undertaker of the "Trinity" R&D new model of American R&D Center + Wuhan R&D Center + Xiangyang R&D Center. It is responsible for the innovative research and development and industrial incubation of Camel's new energy sector. The products are widely used in the field of pure electric commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles and other new energy vehicles, and have established long-term strategic cooperative relations with many mainstream car companies at home and abroad.


The Camel Group Innovation R&D Center will adhere to the working philosophy of high standards and strict requirements, actively develop the field of green new energy batteries, and strive to become the world's leading energy service provider, and constantly create a better life for mankind!