Camel Group hosted national industry standard seminars and has led more than 40 standards's formulation
August 23 2022

On August 22, the 2022 National Lead-acid Battery Standardization Technical Committee Seminar organized by Camel Group Co., Ltd. was held in Wuhan. The lead acid batteries for starting part 1: technical conditions and test methods and technical conditions for start-stop lead acid batteries have been researched and discussed to promote the further improvement of the standard technology level and fill the gap of national standards and industry standards.


Standards are the technical support for economic activities and social development, and are an important aspect of the country's basic system. As the drafter of the standard "Lead-acid battery for starting Part 1: technical conditions and test methods", Camel hosted this meeting. 

As a leading enterprise of vehicle starting in China, Camel attaches great importance to technological innovation, and actively participates in the formulation of standards to promote the common progress of the industry. Till 2021, Camel has led or participated in the formulation of more than 40 standards, including 6 international standards.

At present, automotive technology is changing rapidly, and the requirements for batteries are constantly improving, such as start-stop function, parking function, energy recovery, auxiliary backup, lightweight, etc. It is hoped that through the revision and improvement of standards, the progress and development of the industry will be driven, occupying more initiative. At the meeting, the participating committee members fully discussed the standards, such as the test method for parking conditions, the requirements for vibration resistance, and the difference between start-stop and ordinary battery life times.

Through this meeting, all parties at the meeting reached consensus in many aspects. For some ambiguous content, relevant research and test verification will be supplemented in the future.