CAMEL Brand-new English Website Launched
April 10 2020

Camel Battery brand-new English website is launched , which will continue to provide global customers with access to the latest completed information of CAMEL.


This website consists of six modules, namely Products, Technology, Help & Support,  News, About Us and Contact.


Taking product module as an example, customers can get the latest product information from this website. Camel batteries are widely used in cars, heavy duty trucks, start-stop, golf carts, electic vehicles and other applications. Complete series products can meet requirements for different applications.


Customers can also get the latest news of CAMEL about the updates of new technologies, products, activities etc. in news module.

Mobile version is available with the same website. User friendly short-cut menu enables customers to get information in an easy way.

CAMEL has always been providing the full range products and services to customers all around the world. So far, Camel products are exported to Europe, America, Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. If any enquires, feel free to contact us at +86 710 3344062 or drop us an email at